Find the Fest!

See you all on Trenton Ave and Norris St, Philadelphia, PA, 19125 in the beautiful neighborhood of East Kensington!

Directions –
By Public Transportation:
The Trenton Ave Arts Festival and the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby are easily accessible from the MFL Berks stop. The festival’s entrance and the Derby’s infamous Mudpit are 2 blocks northeast from the Berks stop.
By car:
The festival is located on the 2000/2200 blocks of Trenton Ave (between Dauphin and Norris) Philadelphia, PA, 19125. It’s easily accessible from Frankford, York, Front streets and from I-95.
By foot:
If you are in the glorious neighborhoods of East Kensington, Fishtown or Port Richmond, please take a quick walk over to Trenton Ave and Norris St, or Susquehanna and Frankford, and enjoy the day!
Come one and all! See you there!

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